Social Department

Reem Allaf Naja – Fatima Dsouki Mouabbe – Malak Sherbini Karri – Lina Bleik Jaroudi – Fida Ramadan Sweid – Hanan Jawhar Mashmoushi – Yassmine Saker Mneimneh – Fatina Tasbahji Yehia – Rola Sweid Atwi

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The Social Department was established in 1995 and it includes three programs that provide financial, material and in-kind support for orphans, widows, underprivileged families and individuals. Seven volunteers and one employee endeavor to achieve the aim of these programs.

Mechanism of Action
The beneficiary can either be a needy family that passed by the organization in person, or referred by friends, another NGO/School, or heard about Ajialouna’s services by the media (TV Spots, programs, internet) fills an application and provides the pertaining documents to request assistance.
Ajialouna’s social committee will study the application and visit the household of the applicant to decide on the authenticity of the case and the budget needed to assist. If accepted, the beneficiary will be registered and the administration will try to find a sponsor for the Orphan or the needy. (An ID card will be issued to enable the applicant to benefit from the different Ajialouna programs according to the need of the family).


Orphan Sponsorship Program

 Ajialouna plays the role of a mediator between the sponsor and the beneficiary. This sponsorship ranges covers educational fees, healthcare and social benefits. 

This program consist of:

- 520 Sponsors in Beirut and in Tripoli

- A total of 573 families benefited from this sponsorship program

- A total of 642 students benefited from the education sponsorship this year, in addition to 50 beneficiaries in Tripoli. 


Type of Donation
Option 1: School tuition and stationery for private or public schools (ranges between $300 & $2,000)
Option 2: Social benefits up to $600 / year (cash or in-kind)

Educational Scholarships - Monthly assistance (Rent or cash transfers) - Health assistance (through the issuance of a health card for 77 families) - Food assistance - Financial assistance - In-kind assistance - Seasonal cash transfers during holy occasions. 



Assistance to Widows and Needy Families


This program started in 1995 and is dedicated to assist women who support their families. Ajialouna’s social department has aided more than 520 orphans, 573 widows during the year of 2016.

This program is financed by Zakat donations and other fundraising activities. Monthly donations range between $50 and $600.

For more information please contact SOCIAL AID / T 01-304479 ext. 1208